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When patients have medical emergencies in the middle of the night, they often find Dr. Robert Schnitzler by their bedside caring for them through the crisis. A cardiovascular specialist who pioneered dozens of cardiology firsts, Schnitzler is equally committed to providing patients with attentive care to help them recover from life-threatening emergencies and prevent future problems.

Dr. Robert Schnitzler began his practice committed to providing care to patients with serious heart disease. Over the years the practice has grown to become Schnitzler Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC, a nationally renowned authority in the field of electrophysiology. One of the first physicians certified in cardiac electrophysiology, Schnitzler has spent more than 30 years investigation new ways to treat dysrhythmias, congestive heart failure and hypertension.

Schnitzler Cardiovascular Consultants, an office providing exceptional, highly skilled anddedicated staff committed to addressing the individual needs of each patient and is focused on providing education, training and support to the highest level of cardiac care available.

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